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You Are The Grail

A map and compass for the journey home,

born out of a personal story of Soul Remembrance.

Embody and enjoy the wisdom, the life force and the will you have been endowed with for your journey on Earth. 

Return to Self-Love and shine your unique Light brightly.

A 9-module Live Online Class

  1. Unquenchable thirst

  2. Vision Quest

  3. The Sacred bundle

  4. Following the bread crumps

  5. Getting lost

  6. Facing the Dragon

  7. Breaking open

  8. Homecoming 

  9. The Golden Age

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Innana's Gift

Returning the Sacred into Your Life.

A 9-week course with Nature-inspired wisdom, practices and ceremonies to restore Divine Love, Light & Life-force into our world.

Introduction & Overview
  1. EARTH - Stewardship

  2. WATER - Purification

  3. FIRE - Transmutation

  4. AIR - Magnetism

  5. SOUND - Song Lines & Sacred Space

  6. LIGHT - Rainbow Teachings

  7. MIND - Co-Creation

  8. VOID - ReBirth

  9. DIVINITY - You

Bonus - Tools & Resources

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The Conscious
Co-Creation Code

We cannot not create.

3 self-study courses with lectures, practices and guidebook.

Level One

Understand the anatomy and creative power of your electro-magnetic energy which is the foundation from which you heal, access greater understanding of the natural law, and from which you create your reality.

Cultivate the creative aspects of your energy body through internal practice.

Level Two

Grow the clarity, coherence and strength of your electro-magnetic energy body to increase your health, awareness and manifesting ability.

Access the conscious awareness and energy of your life plan and move it through your creative energy centers. Know, feel and embody your truth and see it unfold in your lived reality.

Level Three

Deepen your innate relationship with and capacity for Life, Love and Light, and widen your field of allies. 

Co-create with the world of nature, spirit and the wisdom of your Heart.



A 36-week course on deep Soul healing & Self-illumination

  • uncover and be your authentic Self

  • undo negative mental programming and free your mind

  • release emotional triggers & trauma and liberate your energy

  • remember your spiritual truth & power and live in alignment with it

  • call back and integrate your Soul essence, the part of yourself and of Life you have been looking for.

You already have everything you need within.


Transcend perceived limitations, and learn to harness your creative energy to heal and to attract the experiences in Life that are meaningful to you.


This work is available with 1:1 sessions with Claudia.

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Avatar Toolkit

Navigate energy with safety and confidence.

The AVATAR TOOLKIT Level One is a foundational self-study course for taking personal ownership of our energy as well as consciously, confidently & skillfully collaborating with the realm of spirit.

Connecting with the unseen aspect of ourselves, a part which is as "real" as any physical part of us,  we deepen our relationship with life itself.


In opening ourselves safely to the unseen, we guide ourselves through the layers of our existence and reclaim an essential part of who we are.


You will remember how to do this.


Equip yourself with teachings, practices and tools to support yourself on this journey.



Conscious Manifestation

Learn how to harness the power of your mind to create the life experiences you desire.

Learning to use the power of our thoughts & beliefs to consciously to generate the results you would love in life instead of letting your mind sabotage your intentions is possibly the most powerful decision you will ever make.​


When you understand and apply the physics of manifestation,

you will inevitably turn your dreams of a fuller life into your reality. 


Along the way, you discover who you really are and what you are capable of,

and you might just inspire others to do the same.


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