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Our greatest gifts often lie dormant as hidden truths and forgotten memories.

Bringing them to the life is a choice.


~ a 9-month journey into your true self ~

Call forth your soul force and liberate your inner light and wisdom.

Learn how to take ownership of your mind and command your energy & creative power.

Reconnect with your own Divine Mind, and re-member and embody more and more of you truly are.

You and I are Beautiful Eternal, Infinite and Self-Generating Beings.

Most of us have forgotten who we are and don't live from our full soul's expression.

We don't realize that we are naturally designed to create our reality by how we use our energy.


With our very own body, mind, soul and spirit as well as the intelligence of our energy body, we have everything we need to rise above challenges, transform what is not working and live our lives in right relationship, freedom and peace.

At this time, where external conditions seem increasingly challenging, we are asked to evolve into self-governing and awake individuals, and to collaborate with one another, creating inclusive solutions for the problems we face.


It is time to call back our Soul, our wisdom, our greater understanding, to remember who we really are, to command our energy with integrity and sovereignty, and to use our immense potential for the greater and higher good of all.

It is time to stop giving our power away to anything external, to know and trust our own inner truth, to activate our dormant abilities and to live into our full expression as the loving, sovereign and more than capable human beings we have always been.


No Matter What Our Story Is, We Are Here To Shine.

What are YOU here to experience, to realize or to contribute?



serves as a doorway to your greater expression of life.


It is a portal through which you will meet yourself at a much higher level of consciousness.

It offers an activation of your star light and an opportunity for co-creating the future with members of your soul family.

It will awaken your divine blueprint and your soul’s intentions for being here at this time.


You will learn how to use your energy in such a way that you mold your vision into form and our physical reality.


It serves as a catalyst and gateway to walk and welcome you home.

  • Receive “The Conscious Co-Creation Code”.


  • Understand how Transformation & Manifestation works and know it in your bones.


  • Realize what has Held You Back from living the life you’d love and let it go.


  • Reclaim who you are Without any Conditioning.


  • Know the Universal Laws and how your energy creates your reality.


  • Deepen your relationship with the Natural & Spiritual Realm.


  • Learn how to cultivate and Command Your Energy with purpose.


  • Turn stress, triggers and trauma into Confidence, Wisdom and Inner Peace.


  • Open your heart to Receive what is Your Birthright.


  • Become a super-conductor for higher consciousness and Know Your Truth.


  • Remember that Everything You Want or Need Is Already Here and how you access it.


  • Feel the love & support from our Community, connect & collaborate. 

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Want to look at the content we will dive into?

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If you would like to receive individual support from me, you can


Course date & time


Wednesdays, 11 am - 12 pm MST (10 - 11 am PT, 1 - 2 pm EST, 7 - 8 pm CET)

We begin on February 1st of 2023.


During each class, I will share the week’s teachings, tools and practices during the first half of the call.

Then, we will have time for questions, connection & collaboration.


The recordings of the live calls will be made available to you.




Make a one-time payment of $999 for all 36 weekly live (and recorded) calls. 

If you prefer to make monthly payments, you can make a one-time payment of $333 to secure your spot in the class and make 8 monthly payments of $99.


If you refer a friend and grow our circle, email me and you will receive a $99 Thank You gift.



Have questions about the program?

Feel free to email me at


or book a 30 minute consultation.

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Learn how to Command Your Energy,

for you are the Archer, the Arrow, the Target and the Bow.

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