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Everything in our external experience is a reflection of our internal landscape.


Do you feel anxious, angry, powerless, stuck or lost?


Do you suffer from dysfunctional relationships, physical, mental or emotional health problems, financial struggles or blocks in how you express yourself creatively or with people?

Or would you simply love to live with more freedom, authenticity and flow?


Whatever is going on in our lives and whatever symptoms we are experiencing is a reflection of deeper patterns within ourselves which our Soul is asking us to bring to light so that we can learn and grow and come into greater wholeness.

By humbly acknowledging ownership of what's not working and courageously looking and feeling within, we take our power back.


Only then can we create the lasting change we are longing for.


This is transformation from the inside out.


Let's dive right in.

I work with the medicine of your AWARENESS, your BODY, your SOUL



1. Uncovering of your personal hidden blocks and limiting paradigms.

2. Intuitive reading of your energy body and embodiment of soul force.

3. Pathways of resolution and integration:

Transformational counseling & belief shifting.

Shamanic healing, clearing of energetic enmeshment & Soul retrieval.

Trauma energy release & emotional healing.

Practices, tools & meditations to increase your life force, cultivate higher consciousness & embody your true self.

Acupuncture, energy healing or body work for deeper integration when necessary and possible.

Each session is unique and engages you at the level of YOUR SOUL, MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.


YOU: Bring in your intention and willingness to heal & change.

ME: Guiding you in releasing what's never been you, and embodying your intention and true Self.


Bridging science & spirituality, and combining the wisdom & experience born out of 30 years of supporting clients within Western, Eastern as well as complementary fields of Medicine as well as my own life experience,

I fully trust you and your ability to heal and create the change you desire.

This work is available IN PERSON as well as VIRTUALLY, acupuncture excluded.

"Working with Skye for

3 months created a more profound change in my life and well-being than all of the years of conventional therapy or self-help programs together." 

~ Debra

"My daughter experienced a profound reversal of symptoms that had plagued her since birth. I'm truly grateful."

~ Debbie

"Skye is a healer who

brings mind, body and spirit into her healing work both in a professional and compassionate way. Her energy is uplifting and reassuring and her brilliant mind seems to guide her in right decision making. Thank you."

~ Sharon


"The time will come when the work of the physician will not be to treat and attempt to heal the body, but to heal the mind, which in turn will heal the body."     ~  Ralph Waldo Trine

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