Together, we envision, collaborate and co-create a new world in which freedom, happiness and peace are no longer concepts of the mind, but lived experiences in our day-to-day.


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Fire Ceremony
- Let go of what you have never been - 

Join us on Sunday, November 13th of 2022 from 5 - 7.30 pm near Boulder.

What are you ready to leave in the past?


What are you no longer willing to carry?


... and what are you calling in instead?



Fire is the element of transformation.


It burns down what is ready to die and creates the fertile ground for new growth.


Come together with a group of like-spirited people on a beautiful property just outside of Boulder, Colorado. 


Experience the power of a fire ceremony as the potent doorway for change that it has been for tens of thousands of years. 


Decide to release the old and to call forth a new expression of yourself and your life. Gift yourself an opportunity to initiate a shift within the sacred container of community.

Donation $50.


This event is limited to 15 people.


Please email me to reserve your spot and to receive detailed information.

I hope to see you there!

- a 4-day retreat in collaboration with Dr. Elke Marksteiner -

Join Dr. Elke Marksteiner and myself for an immersion in the beautiful mountains near Lake Tahoe, CA from Thursday, May 18 through Sunday, May 21 of 2023.

More details soon.

- a 4-day Celebration of Life as humanity is re-membering itself -

Join us as we share sacred ceremony, wisdom teachings, energy & consciousness cultivation practices along with music, dance and good food in great company in Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania in June of 2023.

This festival is a co-creation with Jenna Faccenda & Rachael Angelo (EclipseLit), Kenny Hate (CommonFlame) and Jeffrey Wium (LivingWisdomEducation)


More details soon.

The in person and virtual events offer a break from the routines of life and serve as an immersion into heart-centered as well as mindful ways of being - with oneself and in community.


They are an opportunity to connect with like-spirited people and create transformation in our personal and professional life. 


In shared sacred space, wisdom, practices, food and music are offered to break down constricting patterns of the old and to open into new possibilities for our life.


Deepening our connection with your heart, our body, our higher mind and spirit, we feel inspired and resourced to bring our vision of a meaningful life into our reality. 

... and much more!


Feel free to contact me to discuss how I can serve you and your group's interests and needs.