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Claudia Skye has studied and practiced in different fields of Medicine since 1994.


Her experience ranges from Western medicine and scientific research to Chinese medicine, from shamanic, somatic, emotional & spiritual healing to transformational life coaching, to creating her own intuitive way of working with people through the lens of energy & consciousness. 


She is assisting those who are committed to their journey of deep healing and awakening, and who want to live an empowered life by helping them break free from limiting paradigms so they can embrace and embody their true selves within their personal & professional lives.

All her work aims at uncovering our human potential and the remembrance of our Soul.

Being born and raised in former East Germany with the Berlin Wall in front of our kitchen window, I am deeply passionate about truth, love and freedom.

As a young child, I was highly intuitive and connected with the realm of nature & spirit.

Then I fell asleep.

Years later, feeling unfulfilled with practicing Western medicine, I radically changed my life.

I moved to Boulder, Colorado, where I transitioned my love for medicine to holistic healing arts like

Chinese medicine, shamanic & energy healing as well as transformational life coaching.

Spending much time alone in nature as well as seeking out keepers of ancient wisdom teachings, I began to remember myself more and more.

We are in the time of the Great Awakening, of humanity re-membering itself.

My question questions are

"How do we stay awake once we had glimpses of truth & real happiness?"

"How do we embody our true Self and walk it from a retreat or meditation pillow into our Life?"


  • Medical School of Tuebingen, Medical Research and Residency in Pediatrics, Germany

  • Master of Oriental Medicine and private Acupuncture practice, US

  • Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Quantum Healing, Transformational Life Coaching 

  • Jing Gui Qi Gong & northern Shaolin Kung Fu training

  • Immersions and mentorship within indigenous lineage holders

  • Motherhood & Life

... as well as ongoing studies in different fields of cutting edge science, spirituality and medicine.

Jeffrey, Ausangate and I.jpeg

with the paqos andinos of the Inka Andean Holy Mountain Tradition at Ausangate, Peru

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