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Skye Vizion is a source for liberating yourself from fear, scarcity and disempowerment programming.

Its intention is to help you get beyond limitations, frustration, anxiety and unfulfilment,

and to increase your AWARENESS, ALIVENESS & ABILITY TO CREATE a meaningful life.

I'd love to learn more about you.

The individual sessions, gatherings as well as courses I offer are dedicated to assisting you in healing on a SOUL level,

 increasing your level of consciousness & intuition, your inner connection, joyconfidence as well as your self-healing & manifesting capacity.

The work is intuitive and includes counseling, transformational coaching, somatic trauma release, emotional integration, shamanic healing & journeying, energy or quantum healing, Acupuncture (in person sessions), nutritional guidance, healing ceremonies, the teaching of consciousness & energy cultivation practices. 

Integrated from 30 years of experience as a western and holistic medical professional, from studying & practicing within ancient traditions of Europe, Asia, North & South America, and from my personal life experiences as a woman, mother, mystic and practitioner of the martial arts, I share sacred space as well as practices, tools and perspectives through which deep healing & transformation occurs.

Once we realize how to live in integrity and use our innate creative energy, we begin to tap into a magnificent power within ourselves and wake up to who we really are.


We find ourselves living from our own inner knowing, loving presence and strength.

From this state of being, we naturally draw the ideas, people, resources and opportunities to ourselves that are integral to living the life we came for. We will watch our heart & relationships, our body, mind and circumstances become whole.


What I do.

We are all intelligent instruments of consciousness & energy.

Once we know how to cultivate and direct our energy, we awaken, heal, initiate positive change and consciously create our reality.

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