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This site is about being here fully

as an empowered human being, self-aware, present, connected, and creating one's Life in freedom and peace.


It is about the sacred art of healing on the deepest level, embracing one's true nature and potential,

living in right relationship with Life.

This wisdom is in our bones, and we can access it.

I'd love to learn more about you.

In individual sessions, courses, intensives as well as events, you receive guidance, practices, tools  and space for how to heal mental, emotional and spiritual scars and unblock your inner knowing, life force and happiness.


Learn how to thrive by cultivating and guiding your innate, creative energies.


Experience more aliveness, clarity, connection and personal strength in Life.


Feel at home in your Self.

Drawing from a background as Western & Chinese medical doctor, as longterm shamanic & martial arts practitioner, as mother, daughter, sister and friend, and from spending time with heart-centered wisdom keepers, I offer intuitive guidance, energetic trauma release work with mental-emotional integration, energy cultivation practices as well as nutritional and lifestyle guidance.

I work with the medicines of Nature, Spirit and your own Divinity.


True well-being comes with the re-membrance of our Soul, 

when our mind, body , heart and spirit are no longer at odds with each other.

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