Hi and welcome, I'm Claudia Skye!

I'd love to learn more about you.

In the therapeutic sessions as well as courses I offer, I invite people into a space where they feel seen, heard and safe.


I share what helps me on my own journey as I realize and overcome unconscious self-sabotaging patterns which I have suffered from for most of my life, and which held me back from KNOWING, LOVING, TRUSTING & BEING myself.

With this deep transformation, we find ourselves living from a place of our own inner strength and truth.


We draw to ourselves what is needed, desired and meaningful, and we watch our relationships, our circumstances, our bodies and minds heal.

Free your mind from limiting programs and feel worthy, empowered and free.

Release emotions like anxiety, guilt, shame and worry.

No longer loose yourself in others or circumstances and live from your sovereignty.


End toxic habits like addictions or procrastination that keep you stuck.

Call back your Soul parts, your inner knowing & power.

Gain clarity on what you would love in life and how to manifest it here & now.

Align your lifestyle and choices with your vision.

Embody and enjoy the fullness of your True Self.

What I do.

Imagine your life when you know know how to

We are intelligent instruments of consciousness and energy.

Once we understand this and know how to tune and play our instrument, we heal, awaken, create the changes we desire and consciously manifest our reality.

Healing, happiness as well as awakening are the results of letting go of everything we are not.

It is the embodiment of our true selves, free from limiting patterns of the mind, yet expanded through the wisdom and strength our life experiences came to gift us.